1. Am I serious about sports?
2. Do I have the time or expertise to do a thorough analysis?
3. Am I willing to be a disciplined?

Uncle Harry provides valuable and timely analysis for all major sporting events, including HORSE RACING, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, SOCCER, HOCKEY and BASEBALL. We are among the best in the business in obtaining and analyzing all available team-focused market information, statistics and current trends. Our network of sources and connections continually provide us with the most up to date information available. Our information and experience are second to none. We work with our clients with the highest level of respect and honesty.

At Uncle Harry, we understand that proper management is crucial. How you choose to manage your capital is an integral part of your strategy.

The majority of the public are uneducated. This may be fine for the casual player with the goal of enjoying the game more. However, a serious player must treat it as any other business venture.  Establishing a successful goal can be as important. We advise you to set limits.

The bottom line is to do your homework. Successful sports requires a long term, disciplined approach to meet goals. If you follow our proven system, we believe your return will far outweigh everything else. Uncle Harry looks forward to providing you with the best sports analysis. We are dedicated to our customers satisfaction.

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