Cross-Promotion and Partnership Disclosure

Cross-Promotion and Partnership Disclosure

Disclaimer: Cross-Promotion and Partnership Disclosure

At Harry Wins, we are committed to transparency and safeguarding the privacy of our subscribers. We understand the importance of clear communication regarding partnerships and cross-promotions with other companies. While certain details may not be explicitly stated on our website, we want to provide you with the following information:

1. Cross-Promotion and Partnerships: We may engage in cross-promotional activities and partnerships with other companies within our network, including but not limited to:


These collaborations are intended to enhance the value and experience for our subscribers.

2. Data Sharing: By signing up with us, subscribers may occasionally receive emails or information from our trusted partners, including the aforementioned websites, as part of these collaborations. However, we do not share sensitive or personal information with these partners without your explicit consent.

3. Subscriber Choice: We respect your right to choose the content you receive. If you do not wish to receive emails from our partner companies, including (https://www.btopros.com), (https://www.officialpicks.com), (https://www.parlaydudes.com), and (https://www.hwhpop.com), you have the option to opt out or adjust your preferences at any time.

While we strive to ensure a seamless and beneficial experience for our subscribers, we want to assure you that your privacy and preferences remain a top priority for us. If you have any questions or concerns about our cross-promotion and partnership practices, please feel free to contact our customer support team at info@harrywins.com. Thank you for being a valued member of our community.