Baltimore Ravens Confront Critical Test Amidst Tight AFC North Race

Baltimore Ravens Confront Critical Test Amidst Tight AFC North Race

Baltimore Ravens Confront Critical Test Amidst Tight AFC North Race

In the face of a diminishing lead in the AFC North, the Baltimore Ravens find themselves at a pivotal juncture, prompting questions about their capacity to secure a divisional championship in the latter stages of the season.

The immediate focus for the Ravens centers on their proficiency in closing out games, a skill that appears to have waned, particularly evident as they gear up to face the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night in Baltimore.

Over the past two seasons, Baltimore has transitioned from being adept closers to dwelling among the less effective. Their 33-31 defeat to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday marked their seventh loss after leading in the fourth quarter since the commencement of the last season, aligning them with the Indianapolis Colts for the unenviable distinction of most such losses in the NFL during that period.

Challenges and Discontent

Voicing collective discontent, Ravens defensive tackle Justin Madubuike stated, “I believe I can articulate the sentiments of everyone when [the Ravens surged to a 14-0 lead]. No one foresaw that [the Browns] would secure the victory, and yet, that’s precisely what transpired. It was genuinely surprising and disheartening.”

Despite commanding a 31-17 lead with 11:34 remaining in the game, the Ravens, armed with a 98% win probability, found themselves in an unsettling predicament, a far cry from their historical prowess in such situations. Under coach John Harbaugh from 2008 to 2021, the Ravens boasted an impeccable record of 79-0 when leading by 14 or more points at any point in the second half. However, Sunday’s collapse against the Browns marked their second such setback in the past two seasons.

Joining the ranks of the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys in this undesirable statistic, the Ravens now face the challenge of reclaiming their former dominance.

Quarterback Struggles

The crux of Sunday’s game centered around quarterback performance. In the decisive fourth quarter, the Browns’ Deshaun Watson demonstrated precision, completing 7-of-7 passes for 88 yards and a touchdown. In stark contrast, the Ravens’ Lamar Jackson grappled, managing only 1-of-5 for 11 yards and an interception, further compounded by a deflected pass returned 34 yards for a touchdown.

Jackson’s disappointing 6.4 Total QBR in the fourth quarter marked the third-worst of his career.

Reflecting on the outcome, Jackson emphasized the imperative to “finish the game.”

Resilience and Rebound

Historically, the Ravens have showcased resilience following fourth-quarter setbacks. In the six previous losses after leading in the fourth quarter, they have rebounded with a victory five times.

However, a defeat on Thursday night could see them surrender their top spot in the AFC North, trailing behind the Browns (6-3) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3).

Undeterred, Ravens cornerback Brandon Stephens asserted, “It’s undeniably frustrating, but we cannot dwell on this setback. We have a brief week. Our mindset perpetually revolves around enhancing our performance, so we will maintain that same outlook heading into Thursday and be primed to compete.”

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