Realistic Projections for Emerging Rookie Quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Season

Realistic Projections for Emerging Rookie Quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Season

Realistic Projections for Emerging Rookie Quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Season


The 2023 NFL draft brought forth four highly promising rookie quarterbacks, capturing considerable attention from fans and pundits alike. As these young signal-callers enter the professional arena, the live preseason action presents an opportunity to set pragmatic expectations for their performances.

Elevated Pressure on Rookie Quarterbacks

Traditionally, rookie quarterbacks were granted a two-year grace period to develop and demonstrate their potential. However, the current NFL landscape demands immediate results, leaving little room for prolonged developmental phases. As we fast-forward five years, the teams that selected these quarterbacks may be seeking new solutions under center.

Envisaging Bryce Young’s Impact with the Carolina Panthers


– 17 starts
– 3,500 passing yards
– 19+ touchdown passes
– Fewer than 12 interceptions
– At least one running back with 40+ receptions
– Completion percentage of 63% or better
– A top-10 snap-to-throw time

Bryce Young’s triumph largely depends on the Carolina Panthers’ offensive scheme. Guided by esteemed coaches such as Frank Reich, Thomas Brown, and Josh McCown, Young’s familiarity with the playbook should grant him an edge. His astute understanding of the game at Alabama opens doors to a broader range of plays early on. Utilizing running back Miles Sanders as a reliable checkdown option may mirror the success of legendary quarterback Drew Brees. Young’s quick-strike ability will prove pivotal as he faces the challenges of the NFL.

Find more about Bryce Young on his NFL player page.

Predicting C.J. Stroud’s Potential Impact


– 17 starts
– Better than 60% completion rate
– Positive completion percentage above expectation
– Fewer than 60 rushing attempts

C.J. Stroud’s optimal performance revolves around maintaining the excellence he displayed in college. Balancing his reliance on rushing will be critical in assessing his comfort level with the NFL’s pace and complexity. Transitioning from college to the NFL may reduce the number of open receivers, challenging Stroud to adapt. His pocket presence and connectivity with receivers in a new offensive system will determine his potential as a franchise quarterback.

Learn more about C.J. Stroud on his NFL player page.

Anticipating Anthony Richardson’s Role with the Indianapolis Colts


– More than 2,500 passing yards and 10 touchdowns
– Fewer than 10 fumbles
– More than 5.5 yards per attempt rushing
– Winning the starting job outright in training camp

Anthony Richardson’s training camp performance will significantly impact the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback competition. While Gardner Minshew brings prior familiarity with the system, Richardson’s adaptability to the offense and display of his innate potential will be critical. Balancing his ground game and passing abilities could elevate him to a game-changing role for the Colts. Protecting the ball during critical moments and selectively utilizing his mobility will establish his position as a long-term quarterback option.

Discover more about Anthony Richardson on his NFL player page.

Forecasting Will Levis’ Impact with the Tennessee Titans


– Fewer than three starts
– A highlight-worthy deep shot during training camp
– Consistent and smooth drop-backs
– Four total situational touchdowns

Will Levis’ focus this offseason will be laying the foundation for future success. Embracing the offensive system and exhibiting consistent drop-backs will demonstrate his potential. Levis’ strong arm could create excitement with a couple of 50+ yard touchdown throws during training camp. His robust physique might make him a valuable asset near the goal line, providing relief to star rusher Derrick Henry.

Learn more about Will Levis on his NFL player page.

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